Accredited Wake Pass

Introducing the...  Accredited Wake Pass

What is it?
The Accredited Wake Pass is a pass that is available to regular cable and boat wakeboarders at BWSW accredited sites. It offers you a number of benefits including access to local competitions, various discounts and the BWSW magazine.

How much is it?
It only cost £20 and is valid for the season (all passes expire on 31st March each year)

What do you get?

  •  Accredited Wake Pass
  • 10% discount at Accredited Cable and Boat Wakeboard Sites*
  • Access to quarterly issues of the BWSW online magazine
  • 50% discount code on a Wakestock ticket (for 2014)
  • Opportunity to compete in the Grass Roots Tour and UK Wake Series competitions
  • Access to all of BWSW’s membership discounts

How do I get one?
Accredited Wake Pass are available from your local Accredited Cable or Boat Wakeboard site (see participating sites below). You can register and pay for an Accredited Wake Pass by contacting or visiting the site and then you will receive your pass from BWSW as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can now pay online and purchase a Wake Pass from us directly. Simply log in to the BWSW website and visit the 'Membership Charges for new BWSW members'.

Participating Sites
Blackpool Wake Park, Festival Wake Park, Foxlake Adventures, Just Wake, Hannam's Wake Hub, JB Ski, Liquid Leisure, Liverpool Wake Park, New Forest Wake Park, Quayside Wakeboard & Water Ski, Salford Wake Park, Wakelake
*Participating sites are subject to change based on the BWSW accreditation process

Terms and Conditions
1. This is not a full BWSW membership but affiliates you to British Water Ski & Wakeboard as a Wake Pass holder

2. The Accredited Wake Pass is only available at participating BWSW accredited sites
3. The 10% discount is only available at participating BWSW accredited sites and can not be claimed at your 'home' site (i.e. the site that you bought the Wake Pass through)
4. The 10% discount will only be available on certain types of sessions at the site's discretion and may vary at each site

5. If you wish to compete in any rankings competitions including Nationals, you must upgrade to a full BWSW membership
6. All benefits and discounts are subject to change