Monitoring and tracking the developmental path of each individual athlete is a key aspect of the Talent Development programme. At each Talent Development camp, athletes are assessed on both their on-water and off-water performance by the coaching staff. In addition to this, the coaches also look at an athlete’s nutrition choices as well as overall commitment and effort during the camp.

The data obtained from the coach reports are given to the athletes in mid and post season written feedback. This allows the athletes to work on specific coaching points from the on-water coaching staff as well as off-water development. This process helps the Talent Development Team to build a detailed developmental record of each athlete which can subsequently be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in that athlete’s performance and lead to more tailored coaching on Talent Development camps.

Any beneficial information obtained about the athletes at the Talent Development camps is also shared with their parents and home lake coaches to increase the impact of the feedback.

As mentioned above, our coaches report on a range of skier/rider characteristics including the following:

  • On-water performance 
    • Individual for each discipline that the Talent Development programme works with
      • Tournament water ski - trick, slalom and jump
      • Wakeboarding - tricks displayed, style
  • Skill set and athletic development
    • Athlete profiling days to assess physical capacity
    • On and off water skills assessed on Talent Development camps
  • Steepness and consistency of learning curve
    • Speed of learning new skils in comparison to age and gender matched peers
    • Individual coachability 
  • Consistency of results
    • Performance in domesic competitions and BWSW/IWWF sanctioned events
    • Monitoring of development across the season
  • Mental Toughness 
    • How an athlete copes and behaves after a good/bad performance
    • Ability to bounce back after a poor performance
  • Team cohesion
    • Team work, team bonding and sportsmanship
  • On-water and off-water attitude
    • Eager to learn on/off the water
    • Engaging with the coaching staff and other athletes
    • Role model behaviours
  • Commitment
    • To training, both on and off the water
    • To personal development, educating themselves on nutrition, fitness and more
    • To becoming the best athlete and person they can be

Each athlete is also required to provide regular updates of their competition performances, training achievements and other aspects of their development. This information helps the Talent Team to map out each individual progress across the seasons.