Talent Spotting

The British Water Ski & Wakeboard Talent Development Team are on the look out for the next generation of talented water skiers and wakeboarders.

During the 2015 and 2016 seasons, BWSW held 18 successful talent spotting days across the country in Tournament Water Ski, Cable Wakeboard and Boat Wakeboard. 

Attending a Talent Spotting day is a fantastic way to be noticed by the BWSW Talent Development Team and coaching staff. It gives you the chance to obtain high quality coaching and to receive feedback on your skiing or riding. 

What are the Talent Development Team looking for?

A rider/skier/parental support network that is:

  • Committed to personal development within the sport, both on and off the water
  • Willing to work hard to reach challenging but achievable goals set by the coaching staff
  • Prepared to adhere to an off-water programme 
What happens on a Talent Spotting day?

If you are invited to attend a Talent Spotting day with BWSW, you will have the opportunity to be coached by the Talent Development programme coaches. In addition, a representative of the BWSW Talent Team will also be in attendance to answer any of your questions about the Talent Development programme. 

You will pay for your time on the water directly with the site and BWSW will provide the coach for the day. Once your on-water time is complete the coach will write a short report about your skiing or riding. You will then receive this feedback in an email approximately a week after the Talent Spotting day you attend.

How do I attend a Talent Spotting day?

The BWSW Talent Team encourages all young skier and riders to attend our Talent Spotting days. 

Applications to attend a Talent Spotting day are now CLOSED. Please check back in early 2017 for new dates and how to apply.

To be eligible to attend a BWSW Talent Spotting day nominees should;

  • Be between the ages of 10 and 16 years old* at the time of the talent spotting date they attend
  • Be a current member of BWSW
  • Submit a 'coach report' form completed by your coach, relevant discipline committee or staff member from a BWSW accredited site

*Please note: in exceptional circumstances, riders and skiers from outside these age brackets may be invited to attend a Talent Spotting day.