Tournament water ski talent development camps typically encompass the three disciplines of slalom, trick and jump. Due to the complex nature of the skills required for each aspect of tournament water ski, camps will usually have a mixture of general and discipline specific development.

Athletes are likely to have access to up to four talent development camps per year to help them along the talent pathway. Each camp typically caters for anywhere between 4 to 10 athletes of varying age groups. Such small groups of talented athletes on each camp allows for our coaches to provide the assistance possible.

Athletes usually have in excess of 4 ski tows per day with the on-water coaching staff. In addition to this, athletes have help with warm-up/cool down protocols and discipline specific fitness from the off-water support staff on two of the three days.

If selected to attend a major competition with the GB squad, athletes may have access to competition preparation camps. These will be athlete focussed and deal with discipline specific skills and competition runs.