Competitors in Cutting Edge/Grassroots

Recreational Competitors

Sport is great! It keeps you healthy, is fun to do and helps you make new friends. However, sport is only great if everyone plays by the rules - fair competition for all. This means that sometimes you may win and sometimes you may lose. However, that is the true spirit of sport. And with the spirit of sport comes being a good sportsperson: being able to win and lose with grace; respecting your competitors; helping your team-mates; thanking the officials; inspiring others; and showcasing the values of the spirit of sport.

BWSW have identified the core subjects you need to be educated on which are listed below (links included)

Able to apply these principles

Fully Understand

You Are Aware Of
 Principles of 100% me

The Prohibited List

Global and National Anti Doping Governance

  Food First Supplements Psychoactive Drugs
  Report Doping in Sport  Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs
  Consequences of Doping  



You are invited to download the 100% ME app which UKAD have developed. The app is very user friendly and has a number of relevant resources available for you to access. 

Here are some additional resources you may find useful. 

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