Staff/Board members/Committee members/Club Owners

Staff/Board members/Committee members/Club Owners

Everyone, has a duty to protect clean sport. The Anti-Doping Rules apply to you too - so don’t let one bad decision ruin a potential sporting career. If you are part of an athlete’s support network - they trust and rely on your expertise, guidance and advice, to help them to achieve their sporting goals. With your help and vigilance, we can all support athletes in their decision-making and reduce the incidents of both deliberate and inadvertent doping. All ASP need to know the essential anti-doping practices and tools available, to help ensure athletes remain clean. 

As a staff/Board/Committee member or club official, you have a duty to fully understand doping and in particular understand specific principles in order to offer guidance to those involved within our sport. You are required to report any doping you believe is taking part in our sport. 

BWSW have identified the core subjects you need to be educated on which are listed below (links included)

Able to apply these principles

Fully Understand

Report Doping in Sport 

Psychoactive Drugs

  Consequences of Doping
  Principles of 100% Me
  The Prohibited List 
  Food First Supplements
  Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs
   Global and National Anti Doping Governance

You are invited to download the 100% ME app which UKAD have developed. The app is very user friendly and has a number of relevant resources available for you to access. 

Here are some additional resources you may find useful. 

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ASP's Rights and Responsibilities - CLICK HERE