Coach Licensing

Benefits for Clubs and Sites 

Clubs - Coach Licence
BWSW Accreditation  

By far the most important advantage of licensed coaches is that they help clubs achieve accredited status. Our accreditation scheme defines industry standards and what is good practice for commercial water ski and wakeboard centres. Once accredited, clubs have access to programmes, resources, support and funding through BWSW. For more on accreditation - see here

New Participants   

The coach licence confirms the currency of a coach as being current, active and committed to good coaching practice, which can be an important draw for participants and parents of future club members.  

Improved Coaching

Research indicates, the more licensed coaches in a club the higher the quality rating of coaching (Sports Coach UK, 2014). This maybe because coaches who are licensed are more active learners, committed to good practice and are more likely to access further CPD (Sports Coach UK, 2014). 

Sustained Participation

Higher perceptions of coaching quality from using licensed coaches can encourage participants to return time and time again. Indeed, good coaching increases peoples enjoyment, passion and commitment to sport, and can help people overcome many of the barriers to playing sport.