Coach Licensing

Benefits for Coaches / Instructors / Operators 

Coach Licence - Boat

Having a Coach Licence exemplifies industry standards and what is good practice for coaching within sport. Despite this, all licensed coaches will be able to benefit from the following for as little as £48 every 3 seasons      -     Click here to Apply NOW !


The Coach Licence is a mark of your commitment to good coaching practice and, as a result, can increase your profile and recognition. On all promotional material you may describe yourself as a "BWSW Licensed Coach" or "BWSW Licensed Cable Operator" (as appropriate) - a term that can be an important draw for particpants and clubs. Once licensed, your BWSW membership card will be issued with all your qualifications you are licensed for listed on the card. 

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O'Brien Europe

As the Official Sponsor of the Coach Licensing Scheme, O'Brien Europe (Ultrasporteu) offer licensed coaches/instructors/operators 35% off selected O'Brien equipment. Coaches are able to buy equipment for their club/site from a 'BWSW Reccomended Kit Guide' AND will also be able to purchase some kit for their own personal use directly from Ulrasporteu (O'Brien Europe Dealership). 

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Our partnership with O'Brien Europe marks a big step forward for BWSW and the Coach Licensing Scheme as we further link ourseleves with higher standards, safe and effective coaching and the chosen brand of many expert coaches.

Cutting Edge / On the Edge

As a licensed Coach/Operator, you will be able to deliver our very popular Cutting Edge and or On The Edge programme at your club. Upon renewal, coaches and operators will be given a number of resources inc. Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards that they can use to help support their coaching sessions.    

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As a licensed coach/instructor/operator, you will receive £10 million professional indemnity cover for coaching on a voluntry basis within the BWSW network. This means that, you will be covered for any damages and legal costs arising out of third party loss, injury or damage. 

Note, as a PAID coach/instructor/operator, you will need to check you are covered by your employer. For those who need their own insurance we recommend Sports Coach UK who offer professional indemnity insurance cover for paid coaches. 


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Coaching at BWSW Accredited Sites

Sites are increasingly looking for licensed coaches to fill positions at their centres (in the UK and aboard). This is because, not only do licensed coaches help clubs to meet insurance eligability criteria and achieve Accredited status but, research indicates that the perceptions of coaching quality tends to be higher for licensed coaches than non-licensed (Sports Coach UK, 2014). 

Using trained and licensed staff defines industry standards and what is good practice for commerical water ski and wakeboard centres. To help promote this, BWSW have actively helped a number of licensed coaches to find work within the UK and abroad. For job opportunities, click here

Coach of the Year

Coach of the Year 

Any Licensed coach / instructor / operator can be nominated for the BWSW Coach of the Year Award. Coaches and Operators will be judged on areas relating to how safe, fun and effective they are as a coach, how they have helped support the sport and engage with BWSW's programmes.   

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