BWSW Advisory Council – Could You Support Our Work?

1 August 2019


BWSW Advisory Council – Could You Support Our Work?

British Water Ski & Wakeboard relies on the vast number of volunteers giving their time to all aspects of the sport; without them we would not be able to sustain the development of juniors, beginners, clubs and competitions. The time and effort volunteers willingly give is invaluable and relates to all aspects of the sport from coaching to officiating to administration. BWSW is committed to supporting its volunteers by increasing the number of volunteers we have, helping to educate and train them and recognise and reward their efforts.

There are many voluntary roles within the sport including working within our committee structure to support the very diverse range of work we carry out across the disciplines and development committees. Additionally there is a representative group within our structure, the Advisory Council which is made up of representatives of the various disciplines of the sport to include “boatowner and recreational” and the Regions. The Advisory Council primarily acts to:

• Keep the Board informed of the views of the participants at a grass roots level in the various Disciplines
• Advise and be a sounding board as requested from time to time by the Board
• Review the current-year activities of the Federation

Could you support the work of the Advisory Council or are you interested in any of the other volunteer roles within the sport? If you are interested in volunteering within the sport please complete this form: 

We welcome applicants from all sectors of society and in particular from under-represented groups, based on their skills and experience. We do wish to attract new people into the organisation and are keen to attract younger people and more women.