BWSW Live2Ride Clothing Range

19 September 2016

BWSW Live2Ride clothing range is still available to purchase . . .

We still have some stock available from our Live2Ride clothing range which was produced by Syndicate Clothing. As we now have a new clothing range available here we are offering our older stock at a discounted price. Why not treat yourself or a loved one for Christmas or just becasue?

Product Price
Keyring £1.50
Pen £1.50
Bottle £2.50
USB Stick £5.00
Live2Ride T-shirt £10.00 + £2.50 postage
BWSW Polo T-shirt £15.00 + £2.50 postage
Live2Ride Hoody £20.00 + £2.50 postage
BWSW Rucksack £30.00 + £2.50 postage

* Postage will only be applied once per order

Bundle deals available for Christmas (until 1st January 2017)

  • Live2Ride bundle = includes a hoody and a t-shirt £25.00 plus postage
  • Polo deal = includes two polo tops £25.00 plus postage
  • Rucksack deal = includes a rucksack and a polo top £40.00 plus postage