CEO Award For Membership

23 July 2020


We are pleased to announce that former Club Secretary Ian Miller has been awarded the CEO Award for Membership in recognition of his outstanding work at Plymouth Water Ski Club. 

As a not for profit membership association working within a primarily voluntary sport we do very much recognise the work at grassroots level by key volunteers.  Six seasons ago Plymouth was not in the best of positions in terms of its finances and a very limited number of members which meant the club was not sustainable for the longer term.  Ian Miller took over as Club Secretary and with a number of long term volunteers at the club to include Elliot Underwood and “Dad help” from Ian’s father David,  plans were put in place to reinvigorate and save the club.  BWSW additionally helped with a number of grant support schemes in particular to assist with outreach projects at the club aimed at bringing new members into the club and the sport.  Over a number of seasons the club built up its membership, stabilised its finances and currently is successfully operating under the current restrictions for outdoor sport.

Ian decided to stand down in June as Club Secretary, thanking BWSW staff:

“You have been very helpful to myself in all aspects related to Plymouth Waterski Club, answering all of my questions and requests for help. I definitely couldn't have survived in this post for so long if it wasn't for the kind help and guidance I received.”

And thanking everyone at the club for their support and input:

“Thanks to all the tremendous support we have received in my time, I have seen the club grow from less than 10 members and a dire bank balance, to the end of last season where we had approximately 50 members, a healthy bank balance and a significantly improved: slalom course, boat and pontoon.”

To all BWSW members in the sport in these currently difficult times, stay involved, support your local club and enjoy the remainder of the season ahead …