Friends of Wake Lottery Winners Announced

23 December 2021

The new Wake Lottery, an initiative of the Boat Wakeboard Committee, winners announce . . .

The lottery was launched this summer to transform the way funding of the GB Wakeboard Squad and development of wakeboarding in the UK is supported.

It works on the same basis as the very successful lottery set up by Friends of Tournament, which has raised more than £165,000 since January 2018 (£117,000 after prize money).

Individuals or groups of people pay £25 a month and, if their number is drawn in the lottery, they win.

Just under a third of the money raised from the Wake Lottery will be paid out in four cash prizes each month. The rest will be allocated by the fundraising sub-committee, Friends of Wake, so half goes towards GB Team travel and half towards the development of wakeboarding in the UK.


November winners:
1st Travis Beaton
2nd Nick Deboer
3rd Lydianne Lock
4th James Lloyd

September winners:
1st Sarah Partridge (number 11) - £91.00
2nd Jack Hammersley (number 16) - £68.25
3rd Wesley Stone (number 4) – £45.50
4th Hyaley Batchelor (number 28) - £22.75

August winners:
1st Elizabeth Hoctor-Duncan (number 18) - £94.25
2nd James Lloyd (number 17) - £70.69
3rd Dae Crossley (number 6) – £47.13
4th Robert Beaton (number 14) - £23.56

July winners:
1st Mark Goldsmith (number 7) - £91.00
2nd Justin Sherfield (number 19) - £68.25
3rd Craig Woolgrove (number 26) – £45.50
4th Ross Phillips (number 30) - £22.75

You can sign up to the Wake Lottery on the Wakeboard UK website The more balls in the bag, the more you could win and the more money there will be to support British wakeboarding.