Parents in Sport Week

3 October 2016

British Water Ski & Wakeboard are proud to be supporting Parents in Sport Week from 3rd - 9th October 2016. The NSPCC and Sport Northern Ireland have joined forces with more than 100 sports clubs and governing bodies in the UK and Ireland to promote Parents in Sport Week.

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The purpose of Parents in Sport Week is to recognise and reinforce the vital role parents play in supporting a child in sport, contributing to their enjoyment and success.

Clubs and organisations are being called on to promote Parents in Sport Week by using new resources for parents and coaches developed by the CPSU (Child Protection in Sport Unit).

Explaining why Parents in Sport Week has been created, Paul Stephenson of the NSPCC’s Child Protection in Sport Unit commented:

"Parents greatly influence a child’s experience in sport through the actions they display and the opportunities and feedback they provide to their child. Parents will be aware that sometimes it’s difficult to know what feedback to provide, what actions are the 'right' actions, and how best to support their child. 

"Clubs, coaches and officials are best placed to assist in this relationship and to assist them. The NSPCC has developed a range of resources to encourage and enhance positive relationships, including videos, presentations, practical examples, and hints and tips on how to promote and support a parent’s role."

This week aims to:

  • encourage sports organisations  to promote the positive role parents play in helping children reach their full potential
  • empower parents by helping them to support their child’s participation in sport
  • assist coaches and officials to understand the crucial role parents have in a child’s involvement in sport

British Water Ski & Wakeboard will be communicating various messages throughout the week around the role of parents in sport and how they can support their children in a positive way - keep an eye out for these and help us to ensure all children have an enjoyable experience of sport.

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