The General Lascelles Memorial Grants 2017

18 December 2017

Lascelles grant winners 2017

The purpose of the Lascelles Memorial Trust is to assist highly promising young athletes from any recognised sporting division of  the International Water Ski & Wakeboard Federation to win medals at European and World Championships.

Each year the Guardians of the Trust make a number of awards to applicants from the bequest left to BWSW by our past president, Major General Anthony Lascelles, CB, CBE.  The 'General', as he was known, showed a huge interest in the sporting achievements of our young skiers and riders and paid a personal interest in their successes as they developed. He wished for some of his estate to go towards assisting them achieve their goals in International competitions.

At the end of the 2017 season, we were very impressed with the record number and quality of the applications received, all of whom we would have loved to have supported.  Thank you all for submitting your application and if you have been unfortunate that you have not received a grant this year, please do not give up or be disheartened. There is always next year!

The list of gramts awarded can be seen below. . .

Full Name 2017 award
Joe Veater (Racing) £250
Amber Butterfield (Tournament) £250
Emma Scutt (Tournament) £250
Harrison Crossland (Tournament) £250
Marcus Robinson (Tournament) £250
Saba Yorke-Davies (Tournament) £250
Matt Muncey (Cable Wakeboard) £500
Melissa Lock (Boat Wakeboard) £500
Amelia Tooze (Racing) £500
Sarah Bennett (Racing) £500
Thomas Tooze (Racing) £500
Oliver Scutt (Tournament) £500
Joseph Humphries (Cable Wakeboard) £750
Luca Kidd (Cable Wakeoard) £750
Lauren Bird (Racing) £750
Luca Kidd (Cable Wakeboard) £750
Nathan Darby (Boat Wakeboard) £750
Kieran Owens (Cable Wakeboard) £750
Lucy Roberts (Tournament) £750
Thomas Parkin (Tournament) £750
Bradley Green (Racing) £1000