15 May 2020

Following our previous update about returning to the water there has been further new and helpful guidance . . .

Further guidance has been released from the department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport which I provide linked below together with the government’s frequently asked questions and guidance to the public on the phased return of sport and recreation. These need to be read subject to all relevant guidance and the legislation but they give useful pointers for the operation of our sites including cable wakeboard who will be in touch with members and customers accordingly with the measures they propose to take in relation to safe opening in accordance with the guidelines and legislation. The comments about main cable opening should now be disregarded, following the helpful new guidance linked below that was published on 13 May - a framework for opening main cables responsibly has subsequently been developed.

You are urged to read the documents linked below carefully and in their totality, without reference to selective quotes or extracts.

Coronavirus Outbreak FAQs (updated 11th May)

Guidance for Providers of Outdoor Sport (released 13th May)

Guidance for the Public re Outdoor Sport (released 13th May)