BWSW Board

British Water Ski Federation Ltd is a company limited by guarantee and not having a share capital. As a not for profit association of members all of our income is invested in developing and protecting water skiing across the UK from the grassroots level through to our top athletes.
The Board is appointed at our AGM and is directly accountable to the membership for the performance of the company and is responsible for corporate strategy, the management of the association’s policy development, business and financial planning, as well as safeguarding stakeholder's interests. Various committees support the Board in its function and the board delegates to the Chief Executive Officer the day-to-day and business management control.  The Board consists of a maximum of 10 directors, with 6 elected members, the CEO and three independent directors with varying portfolios dependent on project needs. Appointed Board members have a maximum tenure of 9 years before retirement.

Our Board members come from a variety of backgrounds, have a variety of experience and skills and have a very great understanding of the positive impact sport can make.  They also fully understand the complexity of managing a sports governing body in an increasingly complex world and the need for good governance and to be fit for purpose for the 21st century. We very much recognise that a diverse board is able to make decisions more effectively by reducing the risk of 'groupthink', paying more attention to managing and controlling risks as well as having a better understanding of the company’s consumers / new markets for our sport.  Our organisation does not aim for “tokenism” in terms of diversity and as such welcomes applicants from all sectors of society and in particular from under represented groups.

We are pleased to have met our key target of having a minimum of 30% female members holding positions on our Board in line with The Code for Sports Governance.

You can view the BWSW Diversity Statement here. 

Board Members (Directors of BWSF Ltd)

 Patric FB


Patric Foley-Brickley


Vice Chairman - Responsible for risk management

Steve Sopp

 Simon Waring

Newly Appointed - Development Directorate

Simon Waring

 Peter James

Finance - providing advice and guidance on all finance matters, budget development and long term financial planning.

Peter James

 Nick McGarry

Excellence Directorate

Nick McGarry

Martin Winter

Director - Governance & Structure

Martin Winter


  Abbie Lench

Independent Director
Independent advice on all Board related matters.

 Abbie Lench


Independent Director
Independent advice on all Board related matters.

Justine Naylor


 Clare Lobb

Independent Director
Independent advice on all Board related matters.
 Clare Lobb  

Chief Executive Officer
Strategy, "navigation", funding, strategic relationships and partners.

 Patrick Donovan  

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