BWSW Qualified Coach / Operator Status

For Coaches / Instructors / Cable Operators


BWSW Qualified status is issued to coaches /  instructors / cable operators who meet a range of requirements relating to safety and training. It is an easy way for employers, parents, volunteers and clubs to identify the coaches/operators who have been checked and appropriately trained to the level and environment they will be working within. 

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In simple terms, the BWSW Qualified status is issued to all Coaches/Operators who have agreed to uphold our codes and practices and who hold a current: 

-  Coach / Instruction qualification
-  Driving / operating qualification
-  First Aid certificate
-  Safeguarding & Protecting Children Certificate 
-  Enhanced Disclosure Check 

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As an organisation, we recognise those coaches/operators who have the above because it (as well as many other reasons) (1) increases the likelihood of providing a good service to the end user; (2) gives peace of mind to employers, parents and participants that the coach is safe and has been trained; (3) qualified coaches/operators are more likely to adopt the services/programmes that we run; and (4) we can better regulate the ACTIVE coaching workforce and are better able to deploy these coaches to clubs and sites.  

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BWSW qualifications are of great benefit for everyone whether you are a club, coach or participant.

Qualifications may be subject to re-testing in the event that BWSW membership is or is not maintained over any 12 month period. Any application form will require the driver / coach / operator to notify BWSW of any medical condition or other factor which could impact their ability to drive / coach / operate.  Recertification may be required on age 70.

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Check Your Licence

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Coaches / Instructors / Operators

check your qualifications status by completing the following:

  1. Make sure you are logged onto the BWSW Website

  2. Click here and look at the 'Qualifications' tab to check your qualification is in date.

  3. Click here to check that your first aid, safeguarding and disclosure check are in date.    

Sites / Clubs

If you are the Membership or Club Secertary from a BWSW club, you can check who is licensed from your club by completing the following: 

  1. Make sure you are logged onto the BWSW Website

  2. Click here  to check who is qualified from your club.  

Parents / Participants

All qualified coaches/operators are issued with a membership card proving their status. The card is issued at the start of each season with what role they hold. For example:

  • UKCC L2 WS/WB Coach
  • Ski Boat Driver Level 2
  • Cable Operator 
Your qualifications status can also be verified by the coach/operator/club logging onto our online portal.  

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