Intermediate CWC

BWSW Intermediate Cable Wakeboard Coach

Who is it for?

The Intermediate Cable Wakeboard Coach is recommended for anyone who wants to coach ‘beginner’ to ‘basic intermediate’ riders at a wake park. Candidates will be certified to coach wakeboarders for the basic and development skills, including riders going over a feature. The qualification meets the minimum standard for coaching unaccompanied at the level outlined below.  

What do you learn? 

The Intermediate Cable Wakeboard Coach is a blended learning coaching course that covers many areas relevant to being a SAFE, FUN and EFFECTIVE coach. This course is predominately practically based and as such coaches will learn the skills necessary to coach up to the Progressive Edge Gold Award (Stage 1).  

You will ride and coach for each other on the course up to a level of riding that could be seen from an intermediate level rider on the water regularly at your wake park.  This includes basic feature tricks and surface 360s in both directions.

Before the course

Prior to attending the course, all candidates must have the following:

  • BWSW Membership.
  • Beginner Cable Wakeboard Coach Qualification.
  • Be aged 16 years or over (note, to be a licensed coach you must be 17).  
  • Be able to complete up to the Gold Stage 1 Progressive Edge programme for Cable Wakeboard (note, those who are unable to perform these will need to demonstrate experience in delivering these skills). 

How much does it cost?



Online Course Length

Practical Course Length

Beginner CWC


9 hours

8 hours (1 day)

Intermediate CWC


6 hours

16 hours (2 days)

Whilst employed / coaching (operating)

Whilst we don’t insist on you holding an operating qualification prior to booking onto the coaching course, it is unlikely that you will work at a centre and not be operating as well. Please ensure that before you start working at a centre that you have the relevant operating qualification.

Before certification

Prior to receiving the qualification, all new coaches must complete all licensing requirements. This means that candidates must:
• Hold an attendance First Aid certificate (online courses will not be accepted). 
• Hold a Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificate (we have an online course available). 
• Hold an Enhanced Disclosure check (criminal record check).