BWSW Awards

It is fantastic to be part of a sport that has so much to offer and to celebrate. Water skiing and wakeboarding is full of fantastic clubs, loyal volunteers, enthusiastic coaches, young talented athletes and successful international teams and individuals. It is important to recognise the achievements and dedication of these people and it is pleasure for BWSW to award various awards each year to some outstanding individuals in the sport.

These awards are;

  • Volunteer and Young Volunteer of the Year
  • Lascelles Athlete & Young Athlete of the Year
  • Honorary Members

Previous award winners;

Volunteer & Young Volunteer of the Year

2021 Robert Langdown & John Howard N/A
2020 Gareth Booth Georgina Hutchison
2019 Sarah Withers Marcus Robinson
2018 Peter Davies Chartlotte Wharton
2017 Robert Crewe Rob Hazelwood
2016 Matthew Mills Charlotte Wharton
2015 Jill Howard Ben King
2014 Dave King n/a
2013 Tristam Slater Owen Pick
2012 Richard Mattos  
2011 Paul Weatherburn  
2010 Robert Beard  
2009 Adam Duncan  
2008  TBC  
2007 TBC   
2006 Julian Barnwell  
2005 Keith Malloy  

 Lascelles Trophy & Junior Trophy

2021 Joel Poland N/A
2019 Joel Poland Tom Parkin
2018 David Small Luca Kidd
2017 Freddie Winter Joel Poland
2016 David Small Thomas Heaps
2015 Ryan Peacock Joel Poland
2014 David Sewell Jorge Gill
2013 Freddie Winter Lottie Harbottle
2012 Will Asher Pamela Fox
2011 Stephen Critchley Hannah Bullard
2010 Will Asher Chloe Goudie
2009 Kim Lumley Charlotte Wharton
2008 Nicole Arthur Sol Fletcher
2007 Nicole Arthur Nick Davies
2006 Emily Goldie Alex Anthony & Nick Davies
2005 Kim Lumley Nick Davies
2004 David Small Nicole Arthur
2003 William Asher Nicole Arthur
2002 David Small Johnny Carne
2001 Adaline Fahey Ben Hitch
2000 Lisa Adams Ben Hitch
1999 Stephen Armstrong David Small
1998 Andy Mapple Dan Nott
1997 Andy Mapple Lisa Adams
1996 Darren Kirkland Tom Asher
1995 Sarah Gatty Saunt Jamie Cramphorn
1994 Kim Harding Paul Price
1993 Corinna Williams Lucy Scopes
1992 Gilli Clements Jason Seels
1991 Shelley Nutt Corinna Williams
1990 John Battleday  n/a
1989 Andy Mapple n/a 
1988 Nikki Carpenter n/a  
1987 Richard Mainwaring n/a  
1986 Steven Moore n/a  
1985 Dr. Philippa Roberts n/a  
1984 Andrew Mapple n/a  
1983 Karen Morse MBE n/a  
1982 Mike Hazelwood MBE n/a  
1981 Liz Hobbs MBE n/a  

Honorary Members

Derrick Alden Dave Barlow John Battleday Peter Birdsall Derek Blackmore
 Gavin Kelly Nicky Caine Paul Cole Roy Collins Barbara Coupe
Susan Creedy Samantha Impey  Alan Goggin Ian Hamilton Andy Harris
  Mike Hazelwood MBE Gillian Hill Elizabeth Hobbs MBE Darren Kirkland
Tom Lumley  Richard Mainwaring Irvine McKay Steven Moore MBE Karen Morse MBE
Colin Moynihan David Musgrove Elaine Nations Jim Newbold Irene Newbold 
Shelley Nutt Barry Odell Patrick Prior OBE Derek Rasey  
Bill Rixon Brian Rook Thalia Scoffham Paul Seaton Michael Shave
Philippa Shedd MBE Aubrey Sheena Steve Sopp  Richard Mattos David Spyer
Peter Viney Peter Walker    Anthony Williams  Jeanette Williamson
Allan Wilson   Graham Creedy  Alan Murray MBE  Mark Garnett
Dawn Garnett  Mandy Rix