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Water skiing and wakeboarding are great activities for anyone to try – whether you are looking for a fun, recreational activity or you aspire to be the best in the world. They can be adapted to suit everyone's ability including people with a range of impairments. 

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Here are a few facts to support you in choosing our sports;

  • Water skiing and wakeboarding are surface watersports where you are pulled along the water by a boat or by a cable tow
  • It is both a fun recreational activity and a competitive sport although most people take part for fun and to keep fit
  • There are various forms of the sport including skiing on 2 skis, 1 ski, riding a wakeboard or a kneeboard or barefoot
What you need...What you will be provided with...
  • Swimming clothes
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Wetsuit (available in a range of sizes)
  • Water skis, wakeboard or kneeboard
  • Helmet (if needed)
  • Buoyancy aid or life jacket

Our Programmes...

Cutting Edge is a great way for young people to have a go and get in the sport for the first time. To find out more about Cutting Edge and how to get involved – check out our Cutting Edge page

Or if you are an adult and want to try our sport, find out if a local club is offering 'On the Edge' - it is a great way to try the sport for the first time with your peers. Get more information about On the Edge here.

Find the discipline for you...

There are a 6 disciplines within water skiing and wakeboarding - you just need to choose which one is for you. Click on the links below to find out more about each discipline that makes up our sport;

Barefoot Boat Wakeboard Cable Wakeboard
Kneeboard Racing Tournament

The best way to find out about water skiing and wakeboarding is to have a go – find your local club using the ‘Club Finder’