Progressive Edge

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Progressive Edge is our fantastic participation programme for young people (and Adults) offering them the chance to try the sport, develop their skills and progress to competition level. It follows a step by step progression of the 'Wake' disciplines, so it is easy to track how much you have improved since your last session and compared to your friends

                           Boat Wakeboard                                                    Cable Wakeboard                                                            WakesurfPE WB, CW, WS

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The Programme

  • Designed by some of the sport's best coaches and riders
  • Specifically designed for young people who are new to the sport
  • Free for all affiliated clubs and accredited sites to use
  • Available in 3 disciplines - Wakeboard (Boat), Cable (Wakeboard) and Wakesurf 
  • Progresses through award levels 
  • Prizes are available to all young riders who complete award levels Silver, Gold and Platinum 

 The Levels

Bronze      generic beginners award: which guides you through the basics of water skiing and wakeboarding

Silver –      discipline specific award: which develops your basic skills and helps you to master a number of skills                             and tricks

Gold –       discipline specific award: which develops you to a higher standard or rider in your chosen discipline

Platinum  discipline specific award: which develops you in an advanced level ridiing for competition standard in                              your chosen discipline


Award Skills


If you have any questions about Progressive Edge or would like some more information, click on the links below or email