Boat Driving

Ski Boat Driver Wakeboarder

British Water Ski & Wakeboard aims to improve the standard of ski boat driving in the absence of any legislation or licensing system in the UK. 

In many parts of Europe a boat driver's licence is mandatory but not in the UK. Our aim is to offer our own training and awards in order to bridge this gap and offer our members a qualification which demonstrates a particular level of competence.  Note that the SBD series of driving awards are not simply about driving a boat however they are about driving a boat and safely towing a skier or rider.  We offer three tiers of award as proof of your boat handling and towing skills - the Ski Boat Driver Level 1, 2 and 3.  The SBD1 (non coastal driving) is now recognised as the minimum standard of driving skills at inland lake based clubs throughout the UK and is supported by a network of test centres.

BWSW produces a candidate's workbook and additionally recommends Peter White's Powerboating (published by Fernhurst Booksl).  This is the ideal guide whether you are a beginner needing an introduction or simply want to refresh your knowledge of boating and staying safe on the water.

Qualifications may be subject to re-testing in the event that BWSW membership is or is not maintained over any 12 month period. Any application form will require the driver / coach / operator to notify BWSW of any medical condition or other factor which could impact their ability to drive / coach / operate.  Retesting may also be required at age 70.

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