Inclusive Sites

Water skiing and wakeboarding are both inclusive sports.  We welcome anyone with disabilities or impairments to consider ‘having a go’ and we have sites that will help you have the best possible experience.


BWSW is working to support affiliated clubs and accredited sites to become more inclusive and be confident to offer sessions to and cater for disabled people.

BWSW Inclusive Sites will;

  • Listen to you
  • Have lots of experience of supporting disabled people and their carers to participate in our sport
  • Have a positive and inclusive ethos at the site
  • Offer sessions to disabled participants and groups including beginner, taster and family sessions (sites may have a specific impairment focus)
  • Have well supported and trained staff and volunteers
  • Have the necessary adapted equipment for the sessions they offer
  • Run social events for like-minded people

Use our Club Finder to locate your closest Inclusive Site

Being more inclusive
Being ‘inclusive’ is something that all clubs should work towards in terms of having a welcoming attitude to all, regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity or ability. Being inclusive of disabled people means ensuring every member and visitor feels valued and receives equal opportunities. 

As a club you can include disabled people in a variety of ways. Some clubs run fully inclusive sessions which include all its members. Other clubs have bespoke groups and sessions for disabled people, but they are still delivered within the main club structure. These both benefit disabled people to enjoy sport as much as non-disabled people.

There is not one set way to improve inclusion. It is about satisfying the needs of all your members and sports.

BWSW can support you in various ways to achieve this;

  • Finding local disability training / workshops
  • Funding for Disability Training via the BWSW Disability Training Fund
  • Use the Cutting Edge Inclusive resources
  • Help to find local groups and contacts
  • Gain advice and support from National and Local Disability Organisations
  • Access to resources to help improve inclusion

If you would like more information about becoming more inclusive, considerations and adaptations for disabled participants or offering sessions to disability groups – email 

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