BWSW Membership Benefits



"Wakeboarding is an amazing sport, it's inclusive, fun and everyone involved is very supportive. By joining BWSW you will not only be helping grow the sport but you will also become a member of the team and be eligible for all the amazing benefits that they offer!"
Sarah Partridge

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Access to a range of comprehensive qualifications including our UKCC coaching qualifications as well as our Instructor qualifications, Cable Operating and Driving. Our ongoing coaching development has seen the introduction of the Straight Line Cable Operator qualification which acts as an entry level to the BWSW Cable Wakeboard coach licence.  Please email for more information. For further information on the qualifications we offer please visit our Coaching and Qualifications page by CLICKING HERE. 


As a member you are automatically covered by our personal accident insurance scheme. This includes accidental bodily injury cover up to £30,000 whilst skiing and riding anywhere in the world or travelling to and from any club, regional, national or international calendared water ski activity organised by BWSW. The policy also gives a weekly benefit of £300 per week if you are in full time employment and off work for Temporary Total Disablement for over 4 weeks as a result of a skiing injury. Also includes £750 dental injury cover, £500 towards physiotherapy cover and a sum for broken bones. Full details on the PA insurance can be found on the BWSW website. 


Full colour ‘British Water Ski & Wakeboard’ magazine sent to your home four times a year. Containing all the latest news and views plus interesting articles. Access to the extended content 'British Water Ski & Wakeboard' online magazine. You will also upon sign-up receive regular newsletters during the peak season to keep you updated of the on-goings of the sport.  


Whether finding a club online, accessing rules, technical matters or simply searching for news or competition results.  BWSW maintains a great deal of resources and develops policies to support your sport which are available on our website. Our dedicated staff team can assist, provide guidance and advise on a range of subjects within the sport.


If you are a member of an affiliated club or accredited site we support your club with access to funding and grants.  Our support gives clubs the opportunity to run a project, to attract new members, organise an open day, purchase new equipment, improve their facilities, train coaches & volunteers or promote the club more within the local community. Clubs need to be sustainable and we aim to help as much as we can.


• Huge savings with our discount schemes - click here for further information
• Cutting Edge & Progressive Edge - Youth award scheme 
• Access to a range of courses and seminars held throughout the year


The UK Anti-Doping Rules/ Anti-Doping Rules of BWSW are binding on all members participating in Water Skiing/Wakeboarding for a minimum of 12 months from the commencement of membership, in accordance with the BWSW’s Rules of Conduct, whether or not the member is a citizen of, or resident in, the UK. Whilst you are agreeing to comply with the UK Anti-Doping Rules/ Anti-Doping Rules of BWSW for a 12 month period, your membership is only valid until the end of the season 31st March.