SBD Centre

Ski Boat Driver Test Centre
Many clubs, marinas and other ski centres operate as a test centre for our SBD2 awards. As an approved test centre, you may chose to examine candidate within you club or chose to operate as a test centre for external candidates.

Able to carry out SBD training & exams – only registered and approved centres can carry out training and exams for the SBD qualifications.
Web site entry - our website is the central point of information for all things water skiing related in the UK.
HQ support – BWSW can provide support to approved SBD Centres in relation to water skiing and wakeboarding .
Resources – BWSW publish a number of documents and resources that contain a wealth of information for clubs and members.
Support for water skiing – the aim of BWSW is to improve the quantity and the quality of the water skiing facilities within Great Britain.

Site inspection – a site inspection is carried out every 3 years to assess the site and its facilities

Provide a suitable SBD Principal Examiner
Offer a quality service
Run according to BWSW standards – sites must maintain the level of operation that was demonstrated in order to achieve BWSW affiliation.