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Ski & Wake School Accreditation
Commercial ski and wake centres without a membership scheme can join British Water Ski & Wakeboard  as an Accredited Ski & Wake School. Our accredited centres have passed an extensive inspection process and can use our kite mark as a sign of quality. Our kite mark indicates good standards of equipment, staff qualifications, management of health and safety and facilities available at the accredited ski & wake school.

Ski School

BWSW “Kite Mark” – this adds a huge amount of credibility to your site. Potential customers will know you are operating to a certain standard and they can expect the facilities, the staffing, the health and safety, the management and the customer service to be of a good standard.
Independent Assessment – an accreditation visit provides a site with a “health check” to provide an overview of the facility and its operation and can highlight positive points and help support with areas where there is room for improvement.
Working with schools - increasingly schools and local authorities require a quality kite mark for a facility in order to meet their requirements for external outings and activities for school groups.
Access to funded programmes - BWSW receive funding in 4-yearly cycles from Sport England - affiliated clubs have the opportunity to participate in funded programmes.
Marketing & Promotion – an accreditation kite mark can assist an affiliate with promoting their services to new users and provide a standard of quality – all accredited facilities are able to use BWSW branding and can “fly the flag” as an accredited facility.
Web site entry - our website is the central point of information for all things water skiing related in the UK.  Each year the ski clubs section of our site receives thousands of visitors – potential members for your club.
Development support – BWSW employs a small team of Development staff whose role it is to assist clubs in their development. 
Resources – BWSW publishes a number of documents and resources that contain a wealth of information for clubs and members.
Support for water skiing – the aim of BWSW is to improve the quantity and the quality of the water skiing facilities within Great Britain.

Accreditation Fee and Agreement – all requirements and obligations of the accreditation are agreed to by payment of the accreditation fee
Accreditation Documents - provide evidence of the required documents, these must be submitted in order to achieve accredited status.
Biennial site inspection – a site inspection is carried out every other year to assess the site and its facilities.

BWSW accreditation – sites must meet all the requirements of the BWSW accreditation in order to receive any of the benefits.
Offer a quality service
Provide data to BWSW – BWSW will occasionally ask for clubs to share their participation data with them.
Run according to BWSW standards – site must maintain the level of operation that was demonstrated in order to achieve BWSW Accreditation

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