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Club Affiliation
Water ski and wakeboard clubs that have an annual membership scheme can join British Water Ski & Wakeboard as an affiliated members club. BWSW offers members club affiliation to both voluntary not-for-profit and commercial clubs. This section outlines the requirements, obligation and benefits of affiliation in more detail. 

Joining BWSW is simply the best way for you and your club to be a part of the sport and be supported by a network of over 150 clubs, ski centres and cable sites. 

Members Club

Public Liability Cover – available to voluntary not for profit clubs with up to £10m cover.
Reduced membership rates for club members –
your club members will benefit from cheaper membership rates over those of skiers/riders joining us directly as individuals.
Web site entry - our website is the central point of information for all things water skiing related in the UK.  Each year the ski clubs section of our site receives thousands of visitors – potential members for your club.
Development support – BWSW employs a small team of Development staff whose role it is to assist clubs in their development. 
Access to funded programmes - BWSW receive funding in 4-yearly cycles from Sport England - affiliated clubs have the opportunity to participate in funded programmes.
Resources – BWSW publish a number of documents and resources that contain a wealth of information for clubs and members.
Information to clubs - In addition to the magazine, British Water Ski & Wakeboard, sent to all members; we send out information bulletins to its member clubs at frequent intervals. 
Technical support - BWSW is able to supply technical information and assistance on everything concerned with the sport.  
Support for water skiing – the aim of BWSW is to improve the quantity and the quality of the water skiing facilities within Great Britain. 
Management and safety – BWSW publishes safety recommendations and codes of practice which affiliated clubs are expected to incorporate into their own safety rules.
Registration as a ski boat driver centre – Affiliated clubs who wish to be considered for Ski Boat Driver (SBD) centre status have the opportunity to register.
Regional committee membership - as an Affiliated Club you will have membership of your Regional Committee.   

Affiliation Fee and Agreement– all requirements must be met and agreed to by paying the affiliation fee
Club Welfare Officer - Members clubs must have a Club Welfare Officer who is required to have a current DBS check through BWSW (valid for 3 years) and must have attended a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop (evidence must be provided).
Club Safety Rules & Club Constitution – Copies of the club’s Safety Rules and Constitution must be provided

Register all members – each affiliated club must register all its water skiing members and its water ski committee members as individual members of BWSW.
BWSW affiliation – clubs must meet all the requirements of the BWSW affiliation in order to receive any of the benefits.
Provide data to BWSW – BWSW will occasionally ask for clubs to share their participation data with them

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