Accreditation Benefits

The benefits of accrediting to BWSW are many and varied - here are just a few to pique your interest; 

Shared knowledge & practice

Be part of a group of commercial water ski and wakeboard sites who are passionate about developing the industry and providing a fantastic experience to all customers

Development support

A dedicated relationship manager at BWSW to assist with developing your site and increase the number of people participating in the sport - see Development Support for more information

Access to participation programmes

Opportunity to access funded programmes including Cutting Edge and CE Inclusive along with various bursary schemes and development initiatives

Website listing & promotion

You will be promoted on our website which is a central point of information for all things water skiing and wakeboarding related in the UK

Access to funding

Access to various funding pots with the support of your BWSW Relationship Manager

Local contacts

Help forming relationships with groups and organisations in your local area including your Active Partnerships (was County Sports Partnership) - accreditation provides the 'kitemark' that many schools and community groups look for in facilities

Reduced BWSW membership

 Access a discounted membership rate for all your staff and members

Event calendar listings

Opportunity for events to be included on the BWSW Events Calendar and promoted to the BWSW network via newsletters and social media

Support water skiing & wakeboarding

A key aim for BWSW is to improve the quantity and quality of water skiing and wakeboarding facilities within the UK - by being an accredited site and being part of the BWSW Network you are helping to drive this and increase participation and quality in the sport