Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is our fantastic participation programme for young people offering them the chance to try the sport, develop their skills and progress to competition level. It follows a step by step progression so it is easy to track how much you have improved since your last session and compared to your friends.

Level 2 WSWB
Photo: Thanks to Dave Lochhead and Foxlake

The Programme

  • Designed by some of the sport's best coaches, skiers and riders
  • Specifically designed for young people who are new to the sport
  • Free for all affiliated clubs and accredited sites to use
  • Available in 5 disciplines - Water Ski, Wakeboard (Boat & Cable), Barefoot, Kneeboard and Disabled 
  • Progresses through award levels 
  • Prizes are available to all young skiers and riders who complete award levels Silver, Gold and Platinum

 The Levels

Bronze – generic beginners award which guides you through the basics of water skiing and wakeboarding

Silver – discipline specific award which develops your basic skills and helps you to master a number of skills and tricks

Gold – discipline specific award which develops you to a competition standard in your chosen discipline

Platinum - discipline specific award which pushes you to be competitive at a national level (wakeboard only)

If you have any questions about Cutting Edge or would like some more information, click on the links below or email

Award Skills