Affiliated clubs and accredited sites can access a variety of resources and materials to help them deliver the Progressive Edge programme.  These include booklets, certificates and posters. Clubs/Centres can order as many resources as they need for the season, in return we look forward to hearing who has achieved their Progressive Edge awards throughout the season. It would be great if you can share with us some images of the awardee and we will post on our social media channels. 

PE resources

All affiliated clubs can order resources for free using the online ‘Progressive Edge Order Form’. 

PE prizes

There are prizes on offer for young riders who achieve their bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards;

Bronze – a bronze Progressive Edge wristband

Silver – a silver Progressive Edge wristband

Gold – a gold Progressive Edge wristband, BWSW bag, BWSW badge and a complimentary membership

Platinumgoodie bag including a cool pair of sunglasses

For Silver & Bronze prizes email with the names and disciplines
For Gold & Platinum prizes complete the Cutting Edge/Progressive Edge Winner Form