Award Skills

Progressive Edge takes you through learning to ride/surf progressively. The participation and bronze awards are generic to both boat wakeboard and cable wakeboard disciplines respectively. The wakesurf  particpation bronze is indiviudualised for the discipline. The bronze awards  provide you with all the basic knowledge and skills required to be confident behind a boat or cable tow. Silver and Gold awards are discipline specific and focus on the skills and tricks needed to reach competition level within the sport. Platinum awards are the advanced level to deliver the skills and tricks to compete at a European or International competition. 

The table below shows the skill level you will reach when you have completed each level;

 Stage Boat Wakeboard Cable Wakeboard Wakesurf
Bronze 1 Complete 2 boat turns in control  
Heelside and toeside edging 
Complete 2 corners in control 
Heelside and toeside edging 
Hold a correct surfing position 
2 Complete 6 boat turns in control without sinking 
Frontside butterslide 
Compelte 6 coners in control without sinking 
Surface frontside 180
Silver 1 Ollie 
Backside butterslide 
Standing dock start
Switch corners
Switch ollie
Surf in sweet spot 
Accelerate and brake 
2 Heelside and toeside wake jump  Kicker/Ramp/Rail - Straight air - Heelside/toeside  Put together connected pumps for 10 seconds 
3 Backside lipslide on top of the wake
Surface backside 180
Surface backside 360
Surface basckside 180
Surface backside 360
Floater without rope 
Backside wave 
Gold 1 One wake jump with indy grab 
Ollie backside 180 from inside the wake to out 
Kicker - Heelside straight air 
Rail - Frontside 180
In the flats - Ollie backside 180 
Drop-knee with no line
Frontside tail release 
2 Heelside two-wake jump   Kicker - Heelside frontside half cab 180
Rail - Frontside 50/50
Surf backside 
Surf switch frontside for 20 seconds 
3 Half cab frontside 180
One-wake frontside 360
Toeside indy poke
Bottom turn - Slack rope and No rope 
Platinum 1  Heelside indy shifty   Heelside backside 180
 Surf 'fins front' frontside for 20 seconds 
2 Toeside Front role
Rotate onto box feature off a backside approach  Surf switch backside on a short, tight rope with fins front 
3 Heelside half cab back roll Air tricks Hang 5 
90 shuv 
Backside shuvit
Kicker - Batwing 
Rail - Ollie-on nose press