Award Skills

Cutting Edge takes you through learning to water ski and wakeboard progressively. The participation and bronze awards are generic to all disciplines and provide you with all the basic knowledge and skills required to be confident behind a boat or on a cable. Silver and Gold awards are discipline specific and focus on the skills and tricks needed to reach competition level within the sport.

The table below shows the skill level you will reach when you have completed each level;


 BarefootBoat WakeboardCable WakeboardKneeboardTournament
Participation Getting on the water
Bronze  Complete 5 minutes or 2 laps of safe skiing or riding
Silver Cross wakes on both sides on long line & shoe skis Ollie backside 180 720 back to back 5 consecutive deep water starts on 1 ski
Complete 1 lap of the lake on 1 ski
Gold Ski one handed/one footed on long line & barefoot Heelside/toeside two-wake jump with grab Heelside frontside grab 180 Slalom - run full course at 16mph on a 23 line
Trick - Air front & back
Slalom - run the course at any speed with gates
Trick - 360's in both directions
Jump - 3 consecutive successful jumps
Platinum    Heelside air raley Roll to revert or half cab roll   COMING SOON