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Kneeboard Slalom takes place on a traditional water-skiing slalom course of six turn buoys but with the addition of another six buoys positioned three metres inside the standard turn buoys. The aim of the event is for the kneeboarder to pass round six buoys, either inners or outers and successfully exiting the end gate of the course. In kneeboard slalom the entrance gate is optional but will score additional points if used. If the competitor misses a buoy, falls or misses the exit gate the event is over for him. In any case he is allowed a maximum of four successful passes through the course. The slalom line is 23 metres long and contains the same shortenings to 18.25m, 16m, 14.25m, 13m and so on as with tournament slalom.


The aim is to complete as many different tricks as possible during two twenty second runs through the course. Any trick will only be counted once. Tricks are performed on the surface of the water and in the air where lift has been achieved by using the boat wake as a ramp or by bouncing on the surface of the water. The competitor establishes his chosen boat speed and line length that is usually between 26 and 35 kph and a line of about 14 metres. If a fall occurs during the first pass the competitor is allowed to continue with his second pass but a second pass fall brings the event to an end.

If you are new to kneeboard competitions and fifteen or over you will go into the men’s 2 division or women’s. Any younger and Junior 2 is for you. Where you end up in the next year depends on your age and your position in the standings list at the end of the season. If you can virage from side to side across the boat wakes and do a number of rotational tricks on the water surface you are good enough to start.

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