Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Checks

BWSW are a registered body for DBS Checks and, as such, are able to verify and countersign DBS applications for their members. DBS checks allow BWSW and its clubs and committees to make informed recruitment decisions for roles involving children and/or adults at risk. Any individual wishing to work with young people regularly in water skiing and wakeboarding are required to undertake a DBS check. 

Eligibility - there are some restrictions around who is eligible for a DBS check dependent on the role a person is undertaking and the frequency of that role. Guidance on eligibility can be found here - DBS Eligibility Guidance

Portability -  BWSW will accept DBS certificates carried out by other organisations providing they are for the same / similar role, the same level of check and were issued within the last 3 months. Individuals can also sign up to The Update Service which allows organisations to do an online status check of an individual's certificate.

DBS Application Process - the process for applying for a DBS form for BWSW members is as follow;

  1. Request a DBS form from BWSW using the DBS Application Request Form
  2. BWSW will assess the eligibility of  your application based on the role you will be doing
  3. If eligible, BWSW will send you a DBS form to you in the post
  4. Complete the DBS form in CAPITAL letters using BLACK ink – please ensure you read all instructions and guidelines on the form
  5. Return the completed form to BWSW with 3 original identification documents (ID) – 1 must be either a passport, driving licence or UK birth certificate and 1 must confirm your current address
    If you do not want to send in your original documents, you can either visit our office or your documents can be verified by your club secretary if you are a club member (please contact us for further information on this procedure). 
  6. If you are a paid employee, contact BWSW on 01932 560007 to make payment of £38 for the DBS application
  7. BWSW will check your DBS form and verify the information before sending the form to the DBS for processing
    NB. Processing and checking of DBS forms can take up to 8 weeks
  8. BWSW will return your documents to you by ‘RM Signed For’ as soon as possible
  9. You will receive your DBS certificate directly from the DBS
  10. Send your original DBS certificate to BWSW to update your record on the database
  11. BWSW will return your DBS Certificate to you and issue any licence or qualification that has been awaiting a DBS Certificate
  12. Your DBS will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue (unless you have signed up to the Update Service). 

If you have any queries about applying for a DBS check through BWSW, please contact BWSW HQ on 01932 560007. 
For more information about DBS checks and further guidance, visit the DBS website 

NB. DBS checks are available to those living and working on England and Wales. Those from other countries should proceed as follows;

  • Scotland: contact Waterski & Wakeboard Scotland at bookings@waterskiscotland.co.uk and ask for an "Enhanced PVG Disclosure"
  • Northern Ireland: go to www.nidirect.gov.uk/accessni
  • Overseas: go to your local police stiation and ask for a "Criminal Record Check for General Use"

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