Club Development

The aim of every club is to be sustainable and to offer their members the experience and environment that they want.

To do this, clubs need to be aware of their vision, aims and how they are going to achieve this. The best way to do this is to have a Development Plan - this is essentially a business plan for your club which helps you to identify the club's aims for the future and plans how you will achieve them.

Why it's important...

  • A secure future
  • Attract new members
  • Develop volunteering
  • Support club staff and volunteers
  • Ensure efficient use of resources

How will it benefit my club...

  • Give your club a clear and united direction
  • Identify goals and focus your activity and efforts
  • Attract new members
  • Improved chances of securing external funding
  • Keeping local, regional and national partners informed for your aims

A club development plan should be a short, working document that is clear and easy to follow – it can be viewed as a ‘to do list’ for the club which will save time and effort in the long run

How to get started...

  1. Contact your Relationship Manager at BWSW or email us
  2. Recruit a small working group of club members to lead the development of the plan
  3. Carry out a SWOT analysis
  4. Identify your key priorities
  5. Plan how you will achieve your key priorities

If you would like to write a development plan for your club, contact your Relationship Manager at BWSW or phone 01932 560007 ext. 4.