Ski Boat Driver Level 3

The SBD suite of driving qualifications are about manoeuvring a boat, with a propeller and a tow line in close proximity to a person or persons in the water, these are the only driving qualifications which prepare a boat driver to do this safely.

A boat driver, towing water skiers or any other towed sport, has a duty to be qualified and insured. 

Module A

Following on from the SBD1 or the SBD2, an experienced driver can progress to SBD3 module A. The SBD3 module A qualification identifies a general high level of driving experience, ability and safety, driving for water skiers, Wakeboarders and beginners on the Training boom. The SBD3 module A is an ideal qualification for club drivers, commercial drivers and it is in alignment with the driving requirement for a UKCC Level 2 coach.


The pathway is by continuous self-development guided by the driver checklist, which is a step-by-step guide to attain the required driving skills. These skills can be  witnessed by an SBD3 Principal. If there is not an SBD3 Principal at the club, the driver checklist can be witnessed by an official within the club, for example the club Chairperson.

The final assessment must be completed by the club SBD3 Principal. If there is not an SBD3 Principal at the club, the final assessment can be completed at a neighbouring club or commercial centre. Following on from the SBD3 module A there are specialist modules.

The following advanced specialist driving modules can be added as required;

To successfully complete the following modules the driver will have a very high level of driving experience, knowledge and understanding of the specific discipline concerned.

SBD SBD3 Driving for a Slalom skier (Module S)

 Photograph by Hamish Bott.




Harley SBD3 Driving for a Slalom, Trick and   Jump skier (Tournament Module T this   includes S). The SBD3 Module T is in alignment with the Cutting Edge Platinum Tournament water ski standard.

SBD SBD3 Driving for a Wakeboarder and   Wakesurfer (Module W)

 Photograph by Mark Osmond















SBDSBD3 Driving with inflatables (Module I)

Photograph by CJM Ski & Wake.









You can receive different classifications based upon which modules you gain:

Club Tournament Driver – Modules SBD3+T (SBD3+tournament)

Commercial Driver – Modules SBD3+I (sbd3+Inflatables)

Club wakeboard Driver – Modules SBD3+W (SBD3+wakeboard/wakesurf)