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Please complete this form only when you are a current BWSW member, you have the following certificates AND they are all in date:

  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children
  • First Aid (less than 3 years old)
  • Enhanced Disclosure Check (Less than 3 years old)

To check whether these are in date, make sure you are logged on to our website and click here.  

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Coach Licensing Criteria

Please upload a copy of your First Aid and Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificate, or send a copy to

For the Enhanced Disclosure Check, we must see the hard copy original certificate therefore, please post the original certificate to to the following address. Note, we will return it to you as soon as we have updated our records.

Membership Services Administrator

British Water Ski & Wakeboard

Unit 3 The Forum, Hanworth Lane



KT16 9JX




Code of Behaviour

Please read the following codes:

  • Code of Behaviour for Coaches - Click here 
  • Safety Reccomendations and Codes of Practice - Click here 


Code of Behaviour

Mandatory - I have read, understand and agree to operate within the Code of Behaviour for Coaches

Safety Recommendations and Codes of Practice

Mandatory - I have read, understand and agree to operate within the Safety Recommendations and Codes of Practice:

Coach Profile

 Tell us how typically you operate as a coach:

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Are you interested in receiving further training?
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Terms and Conditions

For the licence to remain active, and for you to recieve the benefits from the licence (insurance, affilation, resources etc.), you must update BWSW with the following:

  • Licence fee (renewable every 3 seasons)
  • BWSW Membership (renewable annually on the 31st March)
  • First Aid (renewable every 3 years from the course date)
  • Enhanced Disclosure (renewable every 3 years from the issue date)
Coach Licence Terms and Conditions - click here 
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