Club Grant Opportunity

2 September 2020

An opportunity for clubs who have increased membership to apply for a grant . . .


Raising awareness and increasing participation is a constant focus for British Water Ski & Wakeboard. Keeping our sport alive by encouraging newcomers and ensuring that their first-time experience is a successful and positive one is key to ensuring we capture their love for the sport and entice them to join as members. 

For clubs who have actually managed to increase their membership in this difficult year we want to offer the opportunity as a way of thanks to apply for a small grant award to e.g. improve club infrastructure or offer discounted introductory tows for potential new members. The submissions would be competitive, and the awards are likely to be limited to 3 and the overall financial sum to £500. In particular we are looking to support "additionality'" i.e projects designed to grow the sport or that would not otherwise happen.

You can apply for a grant by emailing up to 31st March 2021.

We appreciate that this has been a very unusual year and for some clubs, increasing membership numbers at a time like this may seem impossible. If your club is wishing to hold open days to encourage newcomers to try the sport, please get in contact and we will see if we can support such initiatives.

A note of thanks to our clubs for ensuring that our members are able to participate safely under government guidelines and for the continued support from all of you.