Learn to Barefoot

24 August 2016

Barefoot skiing is fun and unique, find out how and where you can Barefoot Ski here. . .

Barefoot poster

  • Use the boom, ski shoes and a good coach / driver and you’ll be ‘footing' at around 25mph in no time
  • Starting on your back, sitting up and gently placing your soles on the water are the ingredients, which make up the art of learning to barefoot.
  • Some padding around the rear will help in the early stages too!
  • Next you’re on the handle or the boom, then the real exhilarating experience - barefoot behind the boat!
  • Tumble turns, toe holds and barefooting backwards are targets you’ll want to aim for.
  • Once you’re competent enough, you can begin to enter competitions. 

CLICK HERE to see a larger PDF version of the poster.