The General Lascelles Memorial Awards - Applications Now Open

6 October 2023

Lascelles Awards 2019

Former British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW) Honorary President Major General Anthony Lascelles' estate left in 2002 a major bequest to support talented young athletes. Each year the Lascelles Committee accept applications from young athletes.  Although the bequest has since been exhausted, with the generous help of donors, BWSW has been able to continue the memorial awards.

Grants are awarded to “highly promising” young athletes who are “active competitors in an active recognised sporting discipline” (Kneeboard, Waterski, Boat Wakeboard, Cable Wakeboard, Barefoot, Cable Ski and Wakesurf). Regrettably, we will only be able to accept applications for active disciplines - Racing is currently suspended due to the uninsurable risk situation affecting the sport.

Criteria for Applications:
The Lascelles Committee set the criteria for the applications.

The Committee members are Liz Hobbs MBE (Chair), Karen Brooks, Nicky Caine, Dale Crossley and Ali White. An application form is available online - the closing date to receive all applications is 5pm on 31st October 2023.

Purpose of the Fund:
To assist highly promising young athletes from any active recognised sporting discipline to win medals at European and World Championships.

Outline Criteria – Are You:
• Under 18 as of 1st January 2024
• An active competitor / licence holder in a recognised active discipline of BWSW
• Active in a discipline that has E&A (European) and IWWF (World) Championships
• On the way up – and by that we mean improving and nearing the top of your age category
• Talented and committed
• A British Citizen

Please note:
It was General Lascelles’ express wish that the athletes completed their own applications for a grant. We understand that you may wish to support them in their application, but please ensure where possible that the applicant completes this form.

The original Lascelles bequest has now unfortunately been exhausted. Donations and allocated BWSW general funds enable the Lascelles Memorial Awards to continue. We would welcome and appreciate any donations possible. If you would like to donate please email

CLICK HERE to complete the application form