Annual Health Check Form

All commercial boat and cable sites are required to operate at a certain standard in order to achieve British Water Ski & Wakeboard (BWSW) Approved Centre status. This involves having certain documents, policies and procedures in place. This form is a health check of your site against these standards and the required actions set at your last inspection. 

Please ensure you answer all questions accurately. If you answer ‘no’ to any question you should address the field as soon as possible. 

All fields are required unless otherwise stated.

Site Details

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Your Details

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Center: Main Contacts

Please update us with contacts for the centre

Please ensure DBS is in date and attended Safeguarding course has been completed

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Optional. to apply please fill out online form. (must be a member to apply)

Optional. Please complete even if same as above

Optional. Please upload your Staff list here

Optional. Please upload report here (Cable site only)

Reviewed Document Checks

Please complete to confirm you have reviewed all your documents:

Health and Safety Policy

Reviewed for current year

Emergency Action Plan

Reviewed for current year

Risk Assessment

Is it up-to-date and identifies and minimises hazards and risks for both on the water and off the water activities?

Insurance Documents

Please complete to confirm you have reviewed all your documents:

Insurance Policy

Have you renewed your policy for the coming year? (Remember: There is a minimum of £10m public & employer liability cover required.)

Public Liability Cover

It is required by law to be displayed for the public. Is this in a visually accessible place? (for Public and Staff)

Boat Insurance

Does it cover water skiing and wakeboarding as designated activities and covering the towing of inflatables (if offered)? (BOAT SITES ONLY) *If cable site answer no

Standards & Procedures

Please complete the following:

Standard Operating Procedure

Has this been communicated to all staff at their induction and throughout their employment?

Cable Inspection(s)

Have you had an inspection of your cable(s) completed by the manufactures or qualified assessor? (Cable Sites Only) *if not a cable site please select no


Please complete the following:

Staff Handbook

Have all new members of staff been issued with a handbook?

Job Description and T&Cs of Employment

Do all staff members get issued with these, appropriate to the role of their employment?

Staff Qualifications

Do all staff members have the appropriate qualifications and have all certifications up-to-date? (Safeguarding/First Aid/DBS or PVG [Scotland])

Safeguarding & Equality

Please complete the following:

Appointed Club Welfare Officer

Has the Welfare Officer attended a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop and has a current DBS or PVG check through BWSW? (Remember: This is Mandatory for any affiliated site)

Club Welfare Officer Poster

Is this poster on display? (Remember: this is to be up-to-date with the correct qualified CWO with Picture. To be displayed for everyone to see – Also to be displayed on own Website)

Customer Service

Please complete the following:

Customer Charter

Do you have one in place that outlines what all customers can expect from you as a provider and your staff?

Booking Process

Is it safe, secure and does it take into account data protection?

Customer Enquiries and Complaints

do you have a defined process in place for dealing with this?

Cancellation Policy

Is your policy clearly displayed for the public to view?


Please complete. Be aware that it is required by law to have certain documents online, these are as follows: 

Safeguarding Policy

Is your Safeguarding Policy available on your website? (This must now be visible online for the public)

Club Welfare Officer Poster

This must be up-to-date and available on your website? (This must now be visible online for the public to view - for ease and security to contact)


Please fill out the following with any comments about the 'no' questions you answered. 


Logo and Name

The BWSW Approved Centre logo is required to be on your website. This must not be altered in any way (i.e. colour) and must be the correct up-to-date logo. Please update once received

Remember: To use our name in the correct way: British Water Ski & Wakeboard or BWSW

Not: British Water Ski (Federation) or BWS(F) - only the above must be used (& not ‘and’)

Therefore, if wrong on website or other promotional items - please correct


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Last step
  • BWSW reserve the right to request to see any documents declared above at any point during the season
  • BWSW reserve the right to withdraw accredited site status if the information above is found to be inaccurate or the site does not maintain the appropriate quality standard
  • The site agrees to include its ‘Approved Centre’ status within promotional material
  • The site agrees to update BWSW with any changes to their structure or operation during the season

Thank you for submitting.