Think Coaching & Get Qualified This Autumn

27 July 2020


Whether acting as a voluntary coach at your local club or working at a commercial centre or a gap year overseas, BWSW qualifications are your key to opportunities within the sport.

• Consolidate your skills, knowledge and experience in a widely recognised qualification
• Improve your understanding of coaching practice and improve your skills
• Gain access to job opportunities in the UK and overseas
• Contribute to your local club and enjoy a rewarding experience of the sport
• Enhance your CV and stand out to employers as a confident leader
• Be part of a dynamic community of coaches supporting our sport

Autumn courses now available with limited places:



Level 1 Dates:

Level 2 Dates:


CJM Ski & Wake

12-13th September 2020

14-18th September 2020


Camel Ski School

19-20th September 2020

21-25th September 2020


Lakeside Ski & Wake

3-4th October 2020

5-9th October 2020

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