Elite Squad Athlete

Elite Squad Athletes

If you are at the height of your career, competing for your club or national team on the international stage, then you will be experiencing the global anti-doping system. You may have been tested by organisations other than UK Anti-Doping and possibly added to an International Registered Testing Pool by your sport’s International Federation. You may also be aware of the damaging impact doping behaviours can have on clean athletes. Taking an interest in clean sport and helping to promote it is one of the positive steps you can take to help protect your career, your sport and the values of clean sport. The '100% me' education programme provides you with opportunities to learn more about the global anti-doping system and, importantly, your rights and responsibilities as an athlete.

The facts - what you need to know

The World Anti-Doping Code states the roles and responsibilities that athletes have in relation to anti-doping. So, you must:

  • know and abide by the Anti-Doping Rules, policies and practices
  • be available for testing at all times
  • take responsibility for what you ingest or use
  • tell medical professionals that they should not use prohibited substances or methods, as per the WADA Prohibited List, and that any advice or treatment given to an athlete should not violate the Anti-Doping Rules
  • tell UKAD and your International Federation if you have committed an Anti-Doping Rule Violation within the last 10 years
  • co-operate in any doping investigations when asked to do so
  • disclose the identity of your support personnel upon request from an Anti-Doping Organisation

BWSW have identified the core subjects you need to be educated on which are listed below

Able to apply these principles - Fully educated

Clean sport values

Building a clean sport culture
Image and performance enhancing drugs
Psychoactive drugs
Anti-doping rule violations 
Consequences of doping 
Food first supplements 
 Protect your sport
Testing pools
Checking medicines 
Testing procedures
The prohibited list 
Understanding anti-doping and how it is governed
Challenging situations and support channels
Understanding the causes of doping

What do you need to do?

You are invited to download the 100% ME app which UKAD have developed. The app is very user friendly and has a number of relevant resources available for you to access. UKAD have created an online platform where you can access the relevant training modules which apply to your role within sport. As you are an elite athlete and can identify from the table above, there are a number of anti-doping topics you need to fully understand in order to be able to apply these to your everyday sporting life. You are required within your elite athlete role to register as an elite athlete on UKAD's Clean Sport Hub or via the 100% ME app. Once you register as an elite athlete you will gain access to a number of modules that you are required to complete and be tested on. Once you have done this, you will need to send a copy of your completed module confirmation to info@bwsf.co.uk . 

Here are some additional resources you may find useful. 

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