When it comes to anti-doping, you have a vital role in helping your child be clean and stay clean. By being engaged in your child’s sporting career, you see first hand how they cope with the lows, when they have their frustrating moments and when they might be susceptible to external pressure to make the wrong choices.

You may not be aware, but under the Anti-Doping Rules your child is responsible for any prohibited substance they use, attempt to use or is found in their system, even if they had no intention to cheat. Clearly, you have a great role to play in supporting your child to be clean, however there are some rules that also apply to you in terms of maybe knowingly providing them with a supplement which contains a banned substance, for example, or tampering in any part of the process. 

BWSW have identified the core subjects you need to be educated on which are listed below (links included)

Fully Understand

You Are Aware Of

Principles of 100% me

Testing Procedures

The Prohibited List Whereabouts Requirements
Checking Medications Anti-Doping Rule Violations
Theraputic Use Excemptions Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs
Food First Supplements Psychoactive Drugs
Report Doping in Sport  
Consequences of Doping  

You are invited to download the 100% ME app which UKAD have developed. The app is very user friendly and has a number of relevant resources available for you to access. Here are some additional resources you may find useful. 

Anti-Doping rules - CLICK HERE
Testing process for minors - CLICK HERE
Medicine and TUE hub - CLICK HERE
Parents booklet - CLICK HERE