Us - Our Strategy

Us - our five-year strategy for water skiing and wakeboarding is at the heart of our partnership working with our facilities, participants, the wider community and key stakeholders. It will guide our work, define the roles and responsibilities of all those delivering the key ambitions stated within our plan.  We are primarily a volunteer led sport that is also publicly funded and we work to a set of core values to enable and support our mission. We will continually review and evaluate the impact we are having. We will work with a greater range of partners to access their resources and support, to influence and affect change within the sport sector as a Sport England funded System Partner.  A System Partner plays a connecting, influencing or governing role within the sport and physical activity sector and is therefore well placed to create the conditions for positive change to help more people engage and reap the benefits of being active.

We are ambitious, committed to delivering success, we want the sport to thrive and we’d like to invite you on board…

Our 8 Ambitions
  • Grow and Retain Participation
  • Support our Facilities and Delivery Partners
  • Provide High Standards of Welfare and Safety
  • Tackle Inequality by Delivering an Inclusive Sport
  • Support a Skilled and Valued Workforce
  • Raise Awareness and Profile of the Sport
  • Demonstrate Value and Improved Member Services
  • Run the Sport Effectively Demonstrating Strong Governance and Assurance

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