Terms & Conditions

In consideration of the payment of the relevant fee and you giving (by ticking the T&C box) the following warranties, undertakings and confirmations (the “Terms and Conditions”), The British Waterski Federation Limited (“BWSW”) will issue you with a competitor’s licence.

I warrant, undertake and confirm (as applicable) that:
1. The personal information supplied by me to BWSW is correct;

2. I will comply with the relevant IWWF/E&A/ BWSW Competition Rules when attending/ participating in a competition/event as well as any site rules and regulations notified to me by the organisers/officials of a particular competition/ event;

3. I accept that I am subject to and will comply with the Code of Conduct and without limitation the UK Anti-Doping Rules and the One Voice Safeguarding Policy;

4. In order to protect participants and competitors, I will comply with all relevant UK Government Covid 19 Regulations and guidance and in particular I undertake not to attend a competition/ event if I or any member of my household has experienced any potential Covid 19 symptoms within the 14 days prior to the date of the competition/event;

5. I am currently free from any serious physical disability which would impair my ability to compete safely and will ensure that if prior to a competition/event I sustain any physical injury which could impair my ability to compete safely, I will not take part in the competition.

6. I acknowledge the potential serious risks of physical injury and even death inherent in participating as a competitor at competitions/events and undertake to use due care as regards all those participating in competitions/ events including, without limitation, competitors, officials and spectators. To the fullest extent permissible by law, I waive all claims of whatever sort which I may have against BWSW and the relevant organisers and officials of a competition/ event in respect of which I undertake not to take any legal action ("Waived Claims") and hereby indemnify them against all losses arising out of Waived Claims. I understand that the organisers and officials of a particular competition/event are entitled to rely on and enforce these Terms and Conditions.