Terms & Conditions

In consideration of the payment of the relevant fee (if a fee is payable) and you giving (by ticking the T&C box) the following warranties, undertakings and confirmations (the “Terms and Conditions”), The British Waterski & Wakeboard Federation Limited (“BWSW”) will issue you with a competitor’s licence. Where the relevant competition licence is for a competitor under the age of 18 (“Minor”) the parent or guardian of such Minor must apply on the Minor’s behalf and the following warranties undertakings and confirmations will be given by the parent/guardian on the Minor’s behalf.

I warrant, undertake and confirm (as applicable) that:

1. I am a member of BWSW;

2. The personal information supplied by me to BWSW is correct;

3. I will comply with the relevant IWWF/E&A/ BWSW Competition Rules when attending/ participating in a competition as well as any site rules and regulations notified to me by the club or facility organising the relevant competition (“Club”) and /or the officials of the relevant competition;

4. I accept that I am subject to and am bound by the Code of Conduct and without limitation the UK Anti-Doping Rules and the One Voice Safeguarding Policy. I confirm I have read and understood the training and educational requirements of UKAD relevant to my category i.e Competitors in Cutting Edge/Grassroots, Squad Athletes or Elite Athletes. I understand that if an Elite Athlete I am required to complete the required modules on the Clean Sport Hub and if a non-elite competitor, I am required to understand the training as specified in the resources detailed here, to the extent relevant to my category of participation.  In addition I undertake to undergo any additional anti-doping training and educational requirements relevant to my category of participation as notified to me by BWSW from time to time.  These commitments include any parent confirming consent to this form.

5. In order to protect participants and competitors, if and when in force, I will comply with all relevant UK Government COVID 19 regulations and guidance and in particular I undertake not to attend a competition if I am experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms/have tested positive and/or I am required to self isolate;

6. I am currently free from any serious physical disability which would impair my ability to compete safely and will ensure that if prior to a competition I sustain an injury which could impair my ability to compete safely, I will not take part in the competition.

7. I acknowledge the potential serious risks of physical injury and even death inherent in participating as a competitor at competitions and undertake to use due care as regards all those participating in competitions including, without limitation, competitors, officials and spectators.

8. I will release and exempt the Club, BWSW and their respective directors, officers, volunteers including, without limitation, judges/officials (“Released Parties”) from all liability and responsibility for personal injury (including as a result of any medical condition I may have), death and property damage caused as a result of my participation in the competition, including but not limited to, product liability, equipment malfunction, breach of contract, statutory duty or negligence (except personal injury or death caused by the Released Parties own negligence); and

9. I hereby waive to the fullest extent permissible by law, all claims of whatever sort which I may have against Released Parties (or any of them) in respect of which I undertake not to take any legal action ("Waived Claims") and hereby indemnify Released Parties against all losses, liabilities, damages and expenses arising out of any legal action brought in respect of Waived Claims. I understand that the Released Parties are entitled to rely on and enforce these Terms and Conditions.