North Devon Wake Park

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BWSW Accredited

North Devon Wake Park
The Milky Way,
North Devon
EX39 5RY

Telephone: 07956009047

Devon's first cable wake park!! For those of you who don't know Wakeboarding is similar to skateboarding and snowboarding, accept for that your feet are strapped in and it is on water. You hold a handle attached to an overhead cable that pulls you along the water; this cable is manually controlled by a cable operator and run by electricity- no boat is involved. As you improve you are able to progress over the park obstacles which float under the cable; we have eight obstacles that vary in ability to cater for everybody. We also offer wakeskating which is similar to wakeboarding but your feet are not attached to the board; and waterskiing. Kneeboarding and ringo rides will also be on offer. We are open for individual bookings and group parties for all abilities and ages. Other activities on site include an Inflatable waterpark suitable for 55 people, beach volleyball, stand up paddle boarding, slacklines, and takeaway food.

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