Retreat Beachclub

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Retreat Beachclub BWSW Accredited

Neilson Active Holidays
Brighton Marina
East Sussex

Wherever you are, the hillside setting ensures you'll always be able to catch views of the shimmering turquoise waters of the Ionian and wooded islands in the bay. A collection of beaches forms the edge of the water sports area and a sand bar in the shallow water leads to the sailing beach on 'Goat Island' opposite the beachclub. Built on a hillside, the rooms, bar and restaurant are perched high above the Ionian. There's lots of steps, so make sure you have what you need before heading to the beach! Whilst we would not recommend the Retreat to thrill-seeking sailors and windsurfers, the sheltered, flat water is pretty special for other water sports, especially water skiing and wakeboarding.

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