Level 2 Water Ski & Wakeboard


 Be a Qualified Coach (Boat)

Upcoming Course Dates:

County/Area Venue Level 1 Dates: Level 2 Dates:
Surrey CJM Ski & Wake 16th - 17th March 2024 18th - 22nd March 2024
Cornwall Camel Ski School - FULLY BOOKED 1st - 2nd April 2024  3rd - 7th April 2024
Cambridgeshire Dams 1st - 2nd April 2024  3rd - 7th April 2024
Cambridgeshire Dams 1st - 2nd June 2024 3rd - 7th June 2024
Surrey Access Adventures (+ additional adaptive module) 27th - 28th May 2024 29th May - 2nd June 2024
Cornwall Camel Ski School FULLY BOOKED 1st - 2nd July 2024 3rd - 7th July 2024
Cambridgeshire Dams - Female Only Coaching Course 1st - 2nd July 2024 3rd - 7th July 2024
Whitworth The Water Ski Academy 6th - 7th July 2024 8th - 12th July 2024
Please note that we are constantly updating our courses so please register your interest with us so we can keep you updated with the latest course dates. 
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Who is it for?

The Level 2 Coaching Certificate is recommended for volunteers that coach regularly at their club and anyone who will be working as a paid coach e.g., for a ski school or holiday company (such as Neilson Active Holidays). The qualification meets the minimum standard for coaching unaccompanied at any level within the sport and is therefore recommended to coaches working with any level of participant from beginner to advanced. On successful completion of the qualification, candidates will be certified to coach unassisted anywhere in the UK and abroad.

What do you learn? 
The BWSW Level 2 is a 5 day coaching course and covers many areas relevant to being a SAFE, FUN and EFFECTIVE coach including safety practices, delivery skills, customer service, risk assessment, advanced boat driving etc.. You will ski/wakeboard, drive and coach for each other on the course up to the standard of doing such tricks as Ollie, Backside 180's, Wake Jumps, surface 360's, and crossing the wakes and perfoming deep water starts on 1-ski. All candidates must complete the BWSW Level 1 beforehand but both courses can be completed together over a 7 day course. 

Before the course
Prior to attending the course, all candidates must have the following:
BWSW membership
BWSW Level 1 coaching qualification (candidates can book both courses at the same time in a 7day course). 
• BWSW Ski Boat Driver Level 2 (SBD2) AND have at least 10 hours experience driving for water skiers/wakeboarders. 
• Be aged 16 years or over (note, to gain qualified status coach you must be 17).  
• Be able to get up on 1-ski and cross the wakes and be able to perform a 180, Wake Jump and an Ollie on a Wakeboard (note, those who are unable to perform these will need to demonstrate experience in delivering these skills). 

Before certification
Prior to receiving BWSW qualified status, all new coaches must:
• Hold an attendance First Aid certificate (online courses will not be accepted).** 
• Hold a Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificate.**
• Hold an Enhanced Disclosure check (criminal record check).**

   *for more information please click here

How much does it cost?

  BWSW Level 1 & Level 2 Level 2 only 
From a BWSW club £695 £495
Not from a BWSW club £795 £595
Coach licence fee  £48
BWSW club course  contact coaching@bwsf.co.uk 
Overseas  contact coaching@bwsf.co.uk 

 * Additional costs apply. For more informtation please contact coaching@bwsf.co.uk

How do I book? 
To book onto a course candidates must complete the online application form - click here - and pay the candidate fee in full. Payments can be made over the phone, by cheque or by bank transfer. 

Book Now: 
If you are interested in any of the courses above, would like to discuss your booking or would like to register your interest in our coaching courses please contact coaching@bwsf.co.uk. Alternatively, call the coaching department on 01932 579 933

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